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Are you getting your five a day?

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For the uninitiated, starting a blog can be daunting. I know; I’ve been there. How often should I blog? What should I write about? How do I make it interesting and engaging? Will people read it? Should I even bother writing a blog in the first place? These are all valid questions to ask if you’re thinking about investing your time and effort into a blog.

Let me start by tackling the question of whether it’s worth blogging. Blogs, or ‘web logs’, first began as a tool for people to share their musings on life – a sort of online diary, if you will – with family, friends and just about anyone else who wanted to read it.

But as the Internet has evolved, so too has blogging. It is no longer just a platform for frustrated writers to express their views and opinions: it has been adopted by journalists, marketers, PRs and businesses alike as a way of reaching and engaging with online audiences.

So what are the main benefits of blogging for businesses?

According to Brandon Gaille, one of the top small business bloggers in the world, with his blog getting more than 200,000 unique visitors per month, businesses that own and regularly update their blogs generate four times more leads than those that don’t have a blog.

Businesses that update their blogs 20 times a month (i.e. four to five times per week) generate five times more traffic to their website than those that update their blog less than four times per month.

Furthermore, blogs help to influence customers’ buying decisions and purchases, as well as inform them about other products and services*.

So, now that you’re convinced about the business benefits of blogging, it’s time to get started, but what should you blog about?

Below is a useful guide for blogging beginners using the principles of a healthy, well-balanced diet to shape the content of your blog.

Like a diet, if your blog is filled with too much of one thing it will get boring. Over indulge and you’re likely to put people off. Like Goldilocks and her porridge, the key is to get it just right so that your readers keep coming back for more.


Posted by Matt Taylor on 7 December 2015

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