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A New Day for newspapers?

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This week was a momentus occasion for the newspaper industry. The New Day, Trinty Mirror's new daily title (as the name suggests), hit newspaper stands across the UK.

The publisher, which counts the Daily and Sunday Mirror amongst its other national titles, as well publishing regional titles such as The Birmingham Post and Mail, claims it is the first "standalone" national daily for 30 years. 

In the digital age of publishing, The New Day is Trinity Mirror's attempt at clawing back readers who "no longer buy a paper". Two million copies were distributed free on Monday. The price will eventually be 50p, with Trinity Mirror aiming to sell 200,000 copies a day. 

But with sales of newspapers in decline - last month the owner of the Independent ceased production of the printed version, with only the online version surviving - and readers increasingly migrating to online media outlets, is The New Day a bold breath of fresh of air or a last gasp for the printed press?

Here's a round up of the industry's reaction...

"It’s brave, it’s bold and it certainly wasn’t expected by even those within the industry. 

"From an advertisers point of view, it will be interesting to see how commercial and editorial approach the coming weeks and months and whether they work together in a harmonised way that achieves a number of business goals or falls into the segregated departments of old that many argue is an ongoing thorn in the side of the publisher industry." - Jamie Dunlop, head of publishing at Total Media

"My initial reaction when I heard about the launch was that they have to be mad.  Launching a national newspaper, (and newspaper only) when paper circulations and readerships are on a downward trend is a brave move, but I really hope that it will pay off. 

"I love the name of it, the white paper, and the fact that there are lots of pictures. I really like the ‘for and against’ debate for most of the articles and am pleased the PM has contributed in the launch edition; it is supposed to be non-political and has managed to be this despite the PM writing for them." - Claudine Collins, managing director, Mediacom UK

"Sympathetic to the strengths of online in the news market, The New Day’s focus on feature-led content is a logical approach. Allied with the ambition of reaching more women than men, this launch presents new opportunities for advertisers and could yet be an indication of the future for the wider print market in the digital-first age." - Charlie Woodhall, partnerships manager, OMD UK

"It is great to see this ambition from Trinity Mirror and the publishing market responding to changing consumer behaviours. I applaud Trinity Mirror and by launching a new news title, it is definitely swimming against the tide, but it’s worth trying. Within the medium there is constant movement, and this new launch is driven by expertise and research. With James Wildman’s background I’m sure that Trinity Mirror has looked at Television as an example of a medium that is thriving with innovation, investment and brilliant content at its heart." - Rachel Bristow, director of partnerships, Sky Media

*(Quotes taken from Jessica Goodfellow's article "Industry reaction: a first look Trinity Mirror's 'trend-bucking' The New Day" on




Posted by Matt Taylor on 3 March 2016

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